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Waje - Heart Season EP - So Heartfelt.

My pick of the month for April, from the various EPs/Mixtapes/Albums I have been listening to for the past weeks, is the electrifying EP titled "Heart Season" from Nigerian soulful singer WAJE.

"Heart Season"released April 16 2021 gives an easy listening experience, with a bop bop twist, an eclectic mix of R&B, Pop, Soul and Afro-fusion.

The project is very soul lifting and with her powerful voice, Waje will keep the listeners fully entertained throughout this short and precise EP, just 5 tracks - 16 minutes duration, you will not be tempted to skip any track on "Heart Season" as every song is distinct in its unique sound, no two tracks sound the same.

My major highlight on this project, is Waje's magnificent voice, so incredible, that when it got to the track "Last Time" I actually thought I was listening to a Whitney Houston or Adele's song and I had to re check my Spotify playlist to confirm I was still actually listening to Waje's "Heart Season".

Waje sang her heart out on this EP, that may also be the reason behind the title "Heart Season", everything flows nicely, cool production, a unifying sound and and I had an heartfelt listening experience throughout.

Stream "Heart Season" EP below;


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