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Third Time's a Charm- A Deeper Listen to Wendy's Purple Emotions.

As Afrocentric roots seem to have finally taken hold in Ireland, I had noticed for the first time in nearly two decades here; on my return after a study and career break on the African continent, a more visible crop of talented black soul musicians and poets such as Tolu Makay, NC Grey, Soul E and Felicia Olusanya among others.

Interestingly, I also discovered an indie collective-style label and management company known as the LJ Platform; which had recently signed a bright new singer Margaret Wise, whom I'd watched blossom musically and my heart was filled with joy

Fast forward to last weekend and the editor sent in a press rounds email from the aforementioned label for my expert opinion. This essay will attempt to take you on my journey of discovery.

I was unsure about this record at first. Maybe it was the thing with soul fusions; where you either love them or you don’t at first listen. Or the fact that I listened to the the original files were in WAV (as a producer collective's soundboard, my ears betray me in WAV, LOL) but I was a little doubtful of the EP's ability to win me over.

It was when I attempted my second listen on one of the key streaming platforms at my disposal however' that I realised I was mistaken.

Purple Emotions EP is a story; perfectly written about a young, upwardly mobile woman and her foray into love and relationships.

The first record about not needing a man- NEED NO MAN was a bop and a half which was about focusing on her goals and not dwelling on the need for a man in her life.

It moves swiftly on to HOW FAR which has our protagonist in this audio story; admitting that she had indeed taken notice of this person and she was beginning to ask if he was sincere in his pursuits.

By the time I got to the Focus Track; BAD GUY I can see that I'd love to hear her again.

My favourite tracks are tracks 1, 2 and the Focus Track.

Wendy Godfrey's Debut is in fact a promise of better. She is an amazing singer and songwriter who for all intents and purposes is in the Artiste Development stage of her career.

I am optimistic about her growth and I will be watching out for this young Soul Starlet.

Peace and Love,


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Listen to "Purple Emotions" below;


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