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Teekay tha Newborn - Market Evaluation EP

"Market Evaluation" is a brand spanking new EP just released today Monday 12 April, from Teekay tha Newborn, 6 track EP, a blend of Hip Hop, Rap, Funk with a dose of Afrobeats, which I feel would create an alternative listening experience, the rapper's vocal dexterity and lyrical contents are especially remarkable on this EP, rhyming and flowing coherently on laid-back / funk infused hip hop beats, in fact I like the individualistic approach he took with this project, the ability to be an individual, to be different, be opposite of the status quo and make great music.

Teekay tha Newborn, raised in Nigeria, moved to Ireland in 2002, since then he has been actively pursuing his music career, in 2004, Teekay won "The Miller Strat Band" of the year competition, he also made it to the semi final of the 2009 "All Ireland Talent Show" aired on Ireland's national TV (RTE) with his then Hip Hop group, 3rd World Records.

This EP is straight out of Brazil, as Teekay moved to Brazil in 2015,

Teekay says

" In my quest to better my craft, I moved to Brazil and as time progressed I grew concerned as to why my dreams didn't materialise. Broken, uninspired and discouraged I would later slip into depression birthing however a new significant insight as I deal with the joys and tribulation of life from a self analytical point-of-view find it in my latest works''

Stream "Market Evaluation" EP Below;


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