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Santan Dave - We Are All Alone In This Together - A Pure Art

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

SANTAN DAVE recently dropped his most anticipated sophomore album "We Are All Alone In This Together" (July 23 2021) the follow up to the UK rapper's phenomenal 2019 "Psychodrama" album.  

"We Are All Alone In This Together" features collaborations with the likes of Wizkid, Stormzy, Giggs, Meekz Manny, BOJ, Snoh Aalegra, Fredo, Ghetts & James Blake.

The album covers a wide variety of music genres, from Afrobeats to Rock, Indie, Electronica, R&B, Gospel, Rap, Drill and Hip Hop.

I have a very chillax album listening experience whilst listening to this eloquent body of work, Dave is unarguably a core lyricist and most of his materials I have listened to, he emphasises so much on his vocal contents, poetically and confidently thus making the listeners not to have a choice but to listen to what he's actually rhyming about, his flow and wordplay are so enticing and amusing.

The previous two tracks, the Streatham rapper released back in April 2021, "Titanium" and "Mercury" featuring Kamal had been some of my favourite tunes to come out this year and been spun several times on my weekly radio show - Urban Vibez on 90.3 NearFM Dublin, I'm also surprised that these two tracks didn't make the album considering both tracks are very outstanding. 

The collaboration with Nigeria's Starboy "Wizkid" on the track "System" is the immediate standout for me, as an Afrobeats music fan, reminds me so much of the track "Location" with Dave & Burna Boy, the fusion of Afrobeats & Rap/Grime music definitely good for the culture, the beats & lyrics blended well, sounds so cohesive, no pressure, thumbs up! definitely a head-nodder. 

"In The Fire" featuring Fredo, Meekz, Ghetts, Giggs is a top tune, with a Gospel influence twisted into it, the chorus is a sample of Florida Mass Choir's song  "Have You Been Tried In The Fire" , a very inspirational track with all the collaborators playing their respective parts very well with top notch bars, I must have repeated this track about 10 times when I first heard it, what a great song with great production, blending Gospel with Rap/Grime...

The lead single on the album - "Clash" featuring Stormzy is one of my favourites, I totally enjoy the flow of this song and both rappers shine on this track, spitting dope lyrics, no disappointment on this one.

"Heart Attack" though quite lengthy, spanning at 9 mins 55 seconds, is definitely heartfelt one for me, with a mellow piano playing background throughout the track, it does feel like listening to a poet, a Dave atypical, punchlines and captivated bars on this track just motivates the listeners, Dave is rapping his hearts out and you just got to listen to what's he rhyming about, his experiences in life generally, socio-political issues, racial tensions, immigration, life struggles, youth violence, poverty, domestic abuse and the track also end with emotional words from Dave's mother, which even makes it a very special track.

"We Are All Alone In This Together" is what I would call a Pure Art from Dave, it's more than just an album, the album's artwork is also pretty simple, yet very eye pleasing and looks meaningful. This is one of those few albums that you cannot afford to skip tracks. Every single song on this project is just sublime. 

Stream "We Are All In This Together" Below;


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