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Rudeboy - RUDYKILLUS Album

King Rudy aka Rudeboy also known as Paul Okoye of the now defunct monumental Nigerian Afrobeats duo - P SQUARE, released his debut solo album titled RUDYKILLUS on 5 August 2021, 12 tracks + 3 bonus tracks that had been previously released in recent times and had been making huge waves across the globe, such as "Audio Money", "Reason With Me" and "Woman".

On this project, Rudeboy had proven one thing i.e. he is a multifaceted artist, no collaborations or whatsoever on this album, all songs were written by Rudeboy, whilst beats were produced by the likes of Chrisstringz, Sele B, Orbeat and Lordsky.

The production of this album is so superb and the music is fresh, a very pure Afrobeats/Afropop project that can potentially be the soundtrack album for your party with great bunch of cool and meticulous tunes that cohesively rhyme together, no album fillers, all songs were in place and it is also good to acknowledge that Rudeboy came very strong on this project, for a solo debut album, he also worked with various producers from different walks of life to bring out the best in him musically, which they did successfully, one word for RUDYKILLUS is quality.

Stream "RUDYKILLUS" Below;


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