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Olamide - UY SCUTI, incredible body of work.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

OLAMIDE Baddo, YBNL Nation CEO, one of the top indigenous rappers in Africa,

unveils his 11th studio album - UY SCUTI on 17 June 2021, just seven months after the release of his infamous "Carpe Diem" album.

The 10 track portrays the evolution of the Nigeria's lyricist, a very mellow vibes throughout, whilst most of the vocals were vastly in English, compared to Baddo's previous projects, in UY Scuti, Olamide's voice sounds so crisp, so polished, re-tuned and refined, thus creating a very pleasant album listening experience.

A very core Afropop project indeed, having been following Olamide's music, since the days of Eni Duro (2010) and his 2011's debut album "Rapsodi", UY SCUTI represents maturity, growth and progress, the "Durosoke" rapper's ability to experiment with new sounds/styles and the enormous showcasing of his sing-rapping skills should definitely be acknowledged on this album.

As I have written before on previous blogs, the Afrobeats genre is evolving at this stage, it's moving more to a global mainstream level and legends in the game will need to adapt to the changing sounds and styles in order to stay relevant in the industry and this is exactly what has transpired from my own personal listening experience with this album, there is a huge element of R&B, Dancehall, Roots Reggae, Pop with a diffusion of Afrobeats & Afropop on UY Scuti.

"PonPon" featuring Fave is one of the finest songs on this album, very smooth and mellow with a contagiously slick beat, Olamide & Fave's vocals also gelled so well cohesively on the track.

"Somebody" featuring Phyno is such a jam, 2 indigenous rap legends, I always believe that there is a strong chemistry between Olamide and Phyno, since the days of their "Ghost Mode" collaboration they never looked back, they always link up and record a smash, which is also evident from their joint collaboration album "2 Kings" released back in 2015.

"Julie" is a silky love song which proves that Baddo is as skilled as a crooner as he is an astounding rapper.

"Rough Up" featuring Layydoe is a dancehall vibe, you hear a different Olamide flowing on this one, I appreciate the way he can switch his style here to that of a dancehall/bashment MC but the irony of it, is that it works well, everything blended fine, the vocals and the beats sound brilliant.

There will be no need to skip a track on this album as every single song is a wonder, the melding of the sounds/styles, the production, the features, everything just flows so well and it is fair to say this is an incredible body of work from Olamide.

Stream "UY Scuti" Below;


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