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Nealo - "All The Leaves Are Falling" a very impressive record to come out of Dublin, Ireland.

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

2020 so far had been a year of good music, we are getting lots of good music across the globe, one of the hip hop albums I'm enjoying right now is from Dublin's hip hop artist, NEALO with his debut material  "All Leaves Are Falling". 

Nealo's verbal dexterity glows throughout the 10 track LP amid his affable nature with the easy listening and soulful beats, having lived in Ireland for over 20 years, I can totally relate with "All Leaves Are Falling", the Dublin's rapper and singer tells the story about Ireland, Dublin and Clonsilla (an outer suburb of Dublin in Fingal).

Nealo talks about everything on this album, love, family, recession, emigration, homelessness, property prices hike and generally everyday struggles while making it a fun experience to the listeners.  

"All Leaves Are Falling" potentially has lots of arresting ideas that will hold the listener's attention, first time I listened to the LP, I was looking forward to listening to the next track/s. The intro "daSilla" is one of the realest interludes I've heard on an album, got me hooked to this amazing body of work, every track with its own unique story, each measure feels just as fresh as the last and Nealo does storytell in a very skillful way that keeps the listeners amused. 

With massive features from Molly Sterling, Adam Garrett, Uly and INNRSPACE, "ATLAF" is a very impressive record coming out of Dublin, Ireland with prospects of capturing a global audience.

Stream "All The Leaves Are Falling" Below;


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