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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

On this Throwback Thursday Music edition, I bring you one of my all time favourite hip hop albums;  NAS - "STILLMATIC" 

This album is super dope and still is; the project was released December 2001, being Nas 5th studio album, "Stillmatic" was released at the height of the Nas /Jay Z beef, one of the biggest beef in Hip Hop history, the beef was also an healthy one, no bloodshed, no violence, that's the only thing that made the beef different from the Biggie/Pac beef early in the 90s, it was an epic fiasco. 

Nas re-invented himself with the Stillmatic LP as King of New York, after his massively successful debut LP "illmatic" in 1994, follow up albums like "It Was Written", "I Am" and "Nastradamus" were not as groundbreaking as "illmatic" but "Stillmatic" did the magic, I believe that the beef with Jay Z at the time motivated and inspired Nas ambition, the album was well received in the hip hop community across the globe and definitely re established Nas status in the hip hop community. 

My favourite tracks on "Stillmatic" - "Got Urself A Gun", "One Mic", "Ether", "Rule", "Every Ghetto" and "Smokin". 

Stream/ Download below


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