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Much Ado About (an)Old Romance

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

When a talent that's full of promise shares itself with the world, we hope that the initial hype does not fizzle out. Tekno, formerly known as Tekno Miles; became known to me as part of Made Men Music Group and the single Dance. I was sitting in a DJ booth on a summer evening in a West African city when it came on and I quietly whispered my desire to finally leave the booth to dance. The winter that ushered us into 2015, saw me in Paris, where Duro, followed swiftly by Wash became jams that were undoubtedly the African anthems of the year in review, from Paris, to Cologne to Abuja; which is usually referred to as a city where his roots are deep.

By his hit single Diana; in 2017, many of Tekno's fans the world over had began to pine for an album. But it was not until this weekend that the desires of many diehard fans and released OLD ROMANCE; his debut album after a ton of singles.

The initial response to news of the album was euphoria. This review seeks to give you my thoughts on the record and share my favourite tracks on it with you.

Tekno can be said to be the traditional love singer and he came through on that regard, fusing R&B, High-life, Zouk, Afro-house and even trap, he gave us hits like Sku Sku, Tumbo, Dana, Addicted, Catalia, Designer and so on to tell us a love story we can all relate to.\

However, it will be wrong of me to fail to point out that this album fails to cater for more than the fans that love the theme of love and related issues. Also, the album is quite explicit and gives the average curator a hard time adding tracks on it to an event or radio playlist.

All these aside, it's a solid listen. I'd advise that you give it a listen:

Listen to "Old Romance" below;

Love always,


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