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Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be An Introvert - Album Review

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

British/Nigerian rapper Little Simz dropped her fourth studio album "Sometimes I Might Be An Introvert" on 3 September 2021 which features Cleo Soul and Obongjayar. The lead single "Introvert" was released back in April 2021 had since been making waves enormously online and on air across the globe.

What I like about Little Simz is her unique sound/style and her introspective personality which does prevail in her music generally, the inner-self motivating lyrics with elements of rap, funk, soul, jazz, r&b and alternative.

"Woman" featuring Cleo Soul is an empowerment track for women with strong inspirational lyrics to encourage and motivate and lift each other up.

The album is quite enjoy enjoyable from start to finish, it's all about storytelling, powerful messages and quite a chilling album if you want it to be, tracks like "Point & Kill" featuring Obongjayar and "I See You" are both very mellowed songs which are very perfect track to relax your mind and chill out.

"Sometimes I Might Be An Introvert" is a well constructed album conceiving an alternative feel with diverse sounds, ranging from Hip Hop to Afrobeat, R&B, Hip Soul, Funk & Soul & Rap, and I also enjoyed the Orchestra elements incorporated on the album, very unique in nature which I believe would tickle the ears of music enthusiasts out there.

Stream "Sometimes I Might Be An Introvert" Below;


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