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Koffee - GIFTED - LP

Jamaican Songstress, Koffee released her debut studio album "Gifted" on 25 March 2022, the follow up to her 2020 Grammy winning EP "Rapture" for Best Reggae Album.

With no collaboration or whatsoever on this project, this project thus has the mass appeal per se, there is undeniably R&B and Afropop influences stringing throughout the album but the "Toast" singer manages to preserve her original genre roots i.e. Reggae/Dancehall, which I feel would ultimately enable the album to cater for a wider audience and ensure an amazing album listening experience to the listeners.

Koffee's voice is incredibly expressive which is her main selling point and when complimented with solid beats, it becomes astounding and that's what you get on this album, a very cohesive project with each song in its own uniqueness.

Stream "Gifted" Album Below;


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