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KEARA ALYSE - 25 Album, purely R&B

Houston R&B singer and songwriter, Keara Alyse is back with her latest project titled "25" (released May 7 2021) the follow up to her 2020's smashing debut project "24".

The 12 tracks project features collaborations with popular American rapper, Mark Battles and SEASIC


My favourite song on the project - "Motion" featuring Mark Battles is really catchy and incredibly infectious and Mark's verse gelled well on this tune.

This is great music for R&B heads, from start to finish, Keara's warm vocals/lyrics are quite soothing and just so enjoyable to listen to, very relaxed album listening experience, with it's sterling production, every single song is amazing in it's own way, with the songs seamlessly flowing into one another, a good mix of slow jams and pure r&b grooves, with this kind of effort, I believe Keara Alyse is definitely one of the most promising R&B acts to watch out for.

Stream "25" below;


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