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KayCee Shakur - Nu Moon Album - A modern Hip Hop - Soul project.

When you think of Jill Scott, Macy Gray, Indie Arie, Erykah Badu, Greentea peng, think KAYCEE SHAKUR! a massively talented rising R&B, Hip Hop and Neo Soul artist from Chicago, who recently dropped her new album "Nu Moon" on April 23 2021. 

Kaycee's music style is very unique, complemented with a silky smooth and vibrant voice, what also makes her interesting is the ability to portray her emotions through her music, she makes it so personable that it resonates with the listeners on "Nu Moon" - A blend of Hip Hop, R&B and Soul, 13-track album with an intro, 2 interludes, only two tracks are over 3 minutes duration, the rest of the tracks are less than 3 minutes long, very short and sweet, pleasing to the ears indeed. 

The album starts with the intro "Where is Kaycee" which basically you can hear different voices asking "Where Kaycee at?" a depiction of her 3 years hiatus, then followed by the track "Wasted" a very upbeat funky tune, setting the mood for the lit album listening experience. 

My favourite cuts on this album, includes "Apocalypse Bae", "No Sleep", "Spell Book", "You Know You Do", "Wasted", "Whew Chile" and "IDK Yet" featuring Matty Wood$, having said that I would still recommend giving the whole album a thoroughly well deserved listen.

Kaycee Shakur is one of the finest vocal talents I have heard lately, She does use her poetry writing skills in the creation of her song lyrics fused with her personal life experiences to bring out soulful vibes, very smooth and mellow, this is one of those soul personified albums, I will listen and listen to, all over again. 

Stream "Nu Moon" below;


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