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The Regals of Amapiano music did an excellent job on this project "Rumble in The Jungle"   the latest album from the Scorpion Kings (Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa) alongside super talented vocalist Tresor

Kabza De Small is a prolific South African DJ & record producer, one of the main pioneers of AmaPiano music, with his regular collaborator Infamous DJ Maphorisa, unveiled the "Rumble in The Jungle" album (14 April 2021) with vocals from Congolese - born singer Tresor throughout the project which should be an essential listen for all Afro House and Amapiano music lovers, the sounds can also be enjoyable to listeners seeking a new genre discovery, per se.

AmaPiano sounds is gradually taking over the globe, vast majority of Afrobeats EPs/Mixtapes/Albums I had been listening to in the past year, had some Amapiano influence on them, it's either there is an Amapiano remix of hit singles, or there is just simply one or two Amapiano tracks on the album or mixtape. 

The sound is just truly vibrant, funky, chilled but dynamic with it's high pitched piano melodies and stimulating basslines, an element of deep house, jazz, soul and lounge, very somewhat from the Afro House, there are more elements in the Amapiano, what I personally enjoy most about this genre is the "piano" and "basslines"

The powerhouse duo "Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa" has had a number of previous joint collaboration albums between them in the past few years, which had made waves across the globe and thus cemented their supremo status in the Amapiano scene, such as "The Return of the Scorpion Kings (2019)",  "Scorpion Kings Live (2020)", "Once Upon A Time in Lockdown (2020)" and not forgetting their very notable 2019's poignant EP "Scorpion Kings", the duo had proven themselves to be the regals of this new emerging sound and their utmost desire to push the Amapiano genre to a wider global audience. 

"Rumble in The Jungle" is a well composed album, well crafted with top notch production, 14 track , core Amapiano beats that would intensify your imagination, Tresor's unique lyrics/vocals on this project are so enlivening and exhilarating which would hits the listeners, it doesn't matter whether you understand the language or not, I do not understand the language myself, but I absolutely enjoy the whole album listening experience.  

Alongside Wizkid's majestic  2020 "Made in Lagos" Album with a bunch other albums that came out from Africa in recent years "Rumble in The Jungle" had also been placed on my list of one of the colossal albums to come out of Africa in recent years. 

Other guest appearance artists on the album include Tyler ICU, Mas Musiq, and Beatenberg.

Stream "Rumble in The Jungle" below;


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