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JYellowL Live At The Button Factory Dublin - 18 November 2022

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Ireland's finest MC, JYellowL has announced a headlining gig +special guests at the Button Factory Dublin, on Friday 18 November, tickets will go on sale at all Ticketmaster's outlets.

JYellowL learned from his Jamaican grandmother how to be himself in a world that wants to force you down a particular path. Born of Jamaican and Nigerian parents and raised in Ireland, the Dublin-based rapper has drawn on all three origins to create a distinctly powerful sound that is radically individual.

A leading voice emerging out of the fierce juggernaut that is Ireland's rap scene, this debut follows two groundbreaking EP's and a string of headline performances, both in Ireland and internationally. His standout track 'Ozone' has surpassed 1.5 million views on Spotify and the single 'Oh Lawd', featured on the soundtrack of the 'Normal People' TV series, has already surpassed 1 million views. A self-driven artist and entrepreneur, his newly established JYellowL Records Ltd quickly landed a distribution deal with the international distribution company IDOL.

The lyricism JYellowL delivers cuts to the heart of issues that are at once deeply personal and urgent on a global scale, driving political change right now. With a degree in politics from UCD University in Dublin, he explores the social problems that both intrigue and disturb him, from international conflict to economic inequality, unafraid to tackle subjects like racism in his music early on.

JyellowL made his stamp on the Irish festival scene in the summer of 2019 with a series of knockout performances at Longitude, KnockanStockan, Body & Soul, Band On The Strand Festival, Red Bull Gaf Party, and an international headline slot at Delft Jazz Festivalin Holland. He ended that summer on a high with a coveted headline slot at the '3 Made By Music Stage' on the Saturday night of a sold-out Electric Picnic, one of the pinnacles of the Irish festival circuit.

Listen to JYellowL "2020 D|vision" Album Below;


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