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JYellowL - "2020 D|Vision" Album

JYellowL drops his most anticipated album 2020 D|Vision on this day, 20 November 2020, a number of songs from the 15 track had previously been released as singles, including the official FIFA 20 soundtrack - Ozone, which kind of gave me an idea of what to expect from the album.

2020 D|Vision is a world class album which I believe would cater for a wide variety of audience from different walks of life, 

On this project, JYellowL raps about his dreams, family, race, politics and society at large in a very entertaining way whilst also delivering both club bangers and contemplative cuts. 

Having followed YellowL music for a while now, I do think that when it comes to music, he's in a league of his own, with his own unique style, unique sounds, lyrical flow  and unique personality. 

In the opening track, "2020" the rapper demonstrated his poetic ability, preaching some words of wisdom in supremely catchy ways, track  like "Change" is a very political song, whilst the more uptempo tracks like "Got Me" featuring Yellow Man, "Tunnel Vision", "Mademoiselle" featuring Chris Kabs, "Hypocrite", and "Jewels" would essentially appeal to mainstream radio listeners and party goers alike. 

As a music enthusiast who loves to listen to good music, I believe that 2020 D|Vision is an exceptional body of work, despite its hip hop and r&b roots, the album does appeal hugely to a mainstream audience. 

Stream "2020 D|Vision" Below;


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