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Jafaris - "I Love You But I'm In A Bad Mood" EP

Jafaris, who is remarkably one of the most exciting Hip Hop artists in Ireland, recently dropped his latest EP titled "I Love You But I'm In A Bad Mood" the follow up to his 2019's debut album "Stride".  The 13 minutes long and 6 track EP does portray an all - round artistic values of the Zimbabwe born / Ireland bred rapper. 

The confounding production of the EP definitely set Jafaris aside from the rest, the uniqueness and creativity embedded into this project is appealing, when listening to this body of work, each track feels just as fresh as the last, even though "Glue" and "Haunted" had been previously released as singles earlier this year. 

The EP set out as a life story of Jafaris' break up from a relationship, told emotionally through his smooth rapping and vivid verses, hence musically still creating a very congenial project. 

"I Love You But I'm In A Bad Mood" EP experiments with Hip Hop, R&B, Rock and Pop, offering a unique sound that everyone can relate to.

Stream "I Love You But I'm In A Bad Mood" EP Below;


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