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Irish Drillers A92 Debut mixtape - 92 Degrees!

For the fans of Drill music, Irish drillers A92 dropped their debut mixtape 92 Degrees on 11 December 2020. 

I've been rotating the A92 collective songs massively on my radio show throughout the summer till now, I feel that it's high time for them to drop a mixtape.

2020 has been a good year for the Drill collectives hailing from Drogheda, Ireland, with Nigerian origin.

There are seven of them in the group; Offica, Dbo, Ksav, Kebz, BT, Andre Fazaz and Nikz, the A92 crew are currently signed to Moves Recordings UK. 

The group had some songs out earlier in the year which had been bursting the airwaves and huge on YouTube, songs like "Who’s on Who", "Duck Duck Goose", "See Me Now", "A9 Link Up" whilst during the summer, Offica also had solo projects like "Opor", "Where's The Motive" and the massive single "Face Reveal" which had amassed nearly 2 Million views on YouTube.

A92 major breakthrough came in October 2020 with "Plugged In Freestyle" with London's finest Fumez The Engineer, the video currently has 7.8 Million views on YouTube. 

If you love Drill music, then this mixtape should be your prerogative, this is the genre as it’s meant to be; raw, undiluted, unfiltered and real.  

 Stream "92 Degrees" Below;


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