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Femi Kuti X Made Kuti - Legacy + an essential Afrobeat project.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

31 years ago the astonishing debut album "No Cause For Alarm" from Femi Kuti was released, which features smashing singles such as "The Struggle Must Stop", "Search Yourself", "Generation Gap", "Madness Unlimited" and more, since then Femi Anikulapo Kuti had been at the forefront of the Afrobeat music, he had released an impressive numbers of records, albums and singles alike, the grammy nominated artist had also played countless gigs all over the world.

Femi Kuti dropped the monster hit single "Wonder Wonder" in 1994 this was a street anthem back then, I can remember me and some of my school mates were always playing the track in my secondary school dormitories and vibing to it joyously.

If I had to put Femi Kuti in one word, its "Consistency"

February 5, 2021 the undisputed king of Afrobeat music unveils a joint collaboration album, being his 11th album with his son "Made Kuti" the album penned - "Legacy +" it's a double sided album with Femi's "Stop The Hate" 10 pure Afrobeat vibes on the first part,

second part then follows with Made, his son with For(e)ward which consists of 8 amazing songs, I also gathered that Made actually played and performed all the instruments on his own side of the album.

You cannot really talk of Afrobeat or Afrobeats music in general, without not mentioning Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, alias Abami Eda, a.k.a Baba 70, the pioneer, the creator of Afrobeat music genre, Femi Kuti is the eldest son of Fela Kuti, I grew up listening to Fela Anikulapo Kuti songs, I would have also visited the KalaKuta Shrine at Pepple Street, Ikeja numerous times to hang out and see Fela's performances, Fela Anikulapo Kuti sadly passed away on August 2, 1997, may his soul rest in peace, however Fela still lives on through his music.

Legacy + album is an authentic Afrobeat album, as an avid fan of Afrobeat music and Femi Kuti, in particular there's no record from the "Wonder Wonder" crooner

that I do not have, from "Shoki Shoki" to "Fight To Win" and more, I definitely resonate with "Stop The Hate" playlists "Pà Pá Pà" is my major highlight, very upbeat and dancy, on this track Femi envisages on political instability, governmental bodies inconsistencies in Nigeria, for many years the Afrobeat undisputed king had used his music as instrument to elaborate on major societal issues in Nigeria, a means to dialogue with the government to improvise on the ways things are right now in Nigeria, the utmost demand for a change, end to political corruption.

As political as Femi "Stop The Hate" playlist on Legacy + may sound, they are all very danceable and have the elements of bop on them which makes it an essential listen for Afrobeat music fans.

Made just proclaimed himself as the Afrobeat prince on this project, his For(e)ward playlists modernizes the Afrobeat music genre, with elements of roots, reggae, funk, soul and jazz thus creating an atmospheric album listening experience. It's quite exciting to see Made upholding his grandfather and father's Afrobeat tradition, following their footsteps musically, embracing the Afrobeat music culture, very enjoyably and also be assured that Made does add his own personality , uniqueness and style to the Afrobeat music, hence the message is there in his songs about socio-political issues, police brutality, corruption and racism whilst still maintaining the Afrobeat rhythm and melodies.

Legacy + is an album I will listen to over, over and over again, no skips, just press play and vibe, as an Afrobeat music fan, I'm super proud of Femi Kuti and Made Kuti for this superb project, and I had a swell time listening to the album.

Stream the audio review (Podcast) below;

Stream "Legacy +" below;


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