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Ed Sheeran - 4th Studio Album - EQUALS

Ed Sheeran 4th studio album "Equals =" is out now featuring the smashing singles; "Bad Habits" and "Shivers". A very definitive Ed Sheeran project with a great mix of acoustic, ballads, pop and dance tracks which undoubtedly has contemporary vibes throughout, ultimately this is a graceful pop album with a lot of potential hits for the radio and other musical activities, tracks like "Bad Habits", "Visiting Hours" and "Shivers" had been performing very well on both airwaves and on the UK and Ireland charts respectively for the past months and I truly believe this album will be a commercial success. "Equal =" thus introduces a new essence to Ed's sounds in terms of maturity and perspective, after his 2017's "Divide" album, the "Shape Of You' star had since then got married and became a father, this growth had also greatly influenced the dynamics of this project, Sheeran's songwriting skills, the exemplary production and if you are essentially an Ed Sheeran's fan, then you will love this album.

Stream "Equals = " Album Below;


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