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Denise Chaila - Go Bravely “Mixtape”

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

DENISE CHAILA , Zambian born - Irish bred is currently one of the most promising hip hop / r&b acts on the Irish music scene, set to conquer a global audience.

Ms Chaila's overall style is versatile and distinctive, "Go Bravely" her debut mixtape dropped today, I copped this mixtape and I had listened thoroughly and I absolutely had an enjoyable listening session. 

All I can say is that the sky is just the beginning for Ms Chalia.  

Listening to "Go Bravely" I don't just perceive Ms Chaila as a singer or just a rapper, there's a lot of poetic characteristics in her. 

Denise Chaila is an exciting poet full of talent!

My favourite tracks on this mixtape - "Holy Grail" , "Chaila", "Can't Stop Me Here", "Anseo",

"Ri Ra" and "Move".

Stream & Download "Go Bravely"


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