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Asa - V Album has the wow factor.

Aṣa is the one of the most uniquely unique artist out there, the amazing songstress is in a class of her own, in terms of style & musical orientation, she's widely acclaimed for her distinctive vocal dexterity and caressing voice, in the sense that if you hear a song by Aṣa, you will recognise her peculiar voice.

Aṣa is a French songwriter and singer of Nigerian origin, born in Paris, France. The singer releases her fifth studio album "V" today 25/2/22, 10 track-project featuring Wizkid, Amaarae and The Cavemen, with major production credits on the material going to super talented Nigerian music producer, P Priime.

Aṣa has been able to maintain her pacifying voice tone & artistry persona since the days of her stellar 2007's self titled debut LP "Aṣa" which had the groundbreaking singles "Jailer" and "Fire On The Mountain", this project introduced me to the music of Aṣa, she is a rare gem in the Afrobeats music industry, so consistent with her craft phenomenally, considering the fact that the overall sounds of the Afrobeats genre had evolved so much since Aṣa first came to the scene over a decade ago but she still manages to maintain her relevancy in the industry, today.

The album includes previously released two singles "Mayana" and "Ocean" which kind of gave the fans an idea of what the album would sound like, "Mayana" was released December 2021 and instantly became a hit.

What’s so exciting about the "V" project is the mannerism/swaggerism in which the "Jailer" singer had been able to explore, blend and adapt with the changing sounds of the Afrobeats genre, articulating a tense of Afropop into the album mixed with R&B, Pop, Neo-Soul, Jazz & Easy Listening - ultimately creating a very impressive body of work that gives the listeners a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

“V” album definitely has the “Wow” factor.

Stream "V" Album Below;


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